New Year 2016


Every New Year is an exciting prospect! A time to start over, a time to reflect, a time to improve, a time to grow, a time for change.

Thinking about how to change things in one’s life helps to prevent stagnation or feeling trapped – at least it does for me.  I am too old to be falling in love or going to school to begin a new career – not because I am too old, but just because I don’t really want to do so.  Instead, I want to plan for my retirement and figure out how we can afford it.  Thus, the focal point of my New Year resolution is making this happen.

Part of the reason for this blog is I need to feel empowered.  My work schedule is brutal and I don’t really like half of what I am doing.  That’s life.  I will not be changing jobs before I retire because my current job funds my retirement, which by all accounts should be fairly comfortable.  By the time my retirement date arrives, I want to know I have little to worry about.  Of course, much can happen between now and then – “the best laid plans of mice and men” can fall apart.  The goal is to minimize this potential.

Every Monday I hope to post something new.  It may be a reflection, it may be a recipe, it may be a rant, it may be news about our finances and our goals. I hope, it will be reflective of progress made, rather than setbacks.

And so, the very first goal of the New Year will be implemented:  500.00 will be put into savings on the 1st and 16th of each month.


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