Monday 177: Health


Monday, 8 February 2016

Most people take health for granted until something shakes them up.  Then, there may motivation for change to improve the situation, or there may be a succumbing to despair and giving up.  Overall, I think most people prefer to try to overcome whatever limitations they may have to face, but in reality of truly hard work, it becomes easier to give in.

Health comes in many forms.  Mostly we think in terms of physical health, but there is also mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, environmental, and others.

For me, financial health has never been a big issue.  Mostly, I have chosen to ignore it and be like Scarlett O’Hara – “tomorrow is another day.”  Tomorrows, though, eventually become today.  That is now why I am forcing myself to write here once a week, whether or not anyone reads a word.  The point is to keep me focused on my goals.  I will never be a Ramsey gazelle, but I will be the plodding tortoise.

Mental health is very important.  How we perceive the world – whether true or false – impacts our perception of our own abilities.  If we feel the world is against us and we are victims, we have an external locus of control – someone else is always why we cannot do things.  An internal locus of control means we believe we can do something.  It also means taking responsibility for our own lives and decisions.

Emotional health is a big variable, it seems, as our emotions fluctuate throughout the day.  Here is where mental health plays a big part, and our sense of control.  The truth is emotions are not rational – but they can be thought about.  Too often no one is there to help an individual think about feelings – sorting them out, analyzing them, figuring out what the cause of the emotion (negative,usually) and the effect (behavior).  Money is a big emotion for many . . . I know for me it was as money was always a secret, as well as a sign of success or failure.  I was always the failure.

Spiritual health goes beyond the emotional and physical content of our worlds.  For some, organized religion comprises the spiritual.  For others, a philosophy or set of ethics.  What these do, I think, is to provide us with guidelines, a sense of our place in the universe, as well as a sense of our own unimportance and importance in the big picture.

There are many kinds of health.  Each one impacts us.  Their impact is felt at different times and in different ways.  The key is what we choose to do – to consciously choose to do.  And one thing to remember is that choices can be changed – all too often if one thing fails, we believe we have failed, but in reality, it is just a message to try something again, and differently.  It keeps the adventure of life interesting!

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