Monday 176: Entertainment


Monday, 15 February 2016

With the focus of getting things paid off, what do you do when your family wants to get together and do something?  Me, I say family is important . . . so go along with it, and reciprocate when you can.  It is not the cost – it is the connection.  People do not live forever, so it is important to have memories, even if they fall outside of “the budget.”

A couple of weekends ago, my in-laws suggested a whale watching excursion in the local channel.  We agreed, knowing they would not expect us to pay them back.  We decided that we would pick up the tab for pizza once home.  With 5 people paid for out of their let, it seemed only fair to pick up the tab.  And so we did.  However, I will admit I was rather surprised, but not surprised, by the final bill.

Entertainment does not have to cost much.  Most of the time, our entertainment is free.  We take the dogs out for walks, watch movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime (we do pay for those every month), and play board games.  Sometimes we take a long day trip (gasoline costs money) to see a favorite or new part of the world.  Or visit friends.

Our hobbies are also our entertainment.  The other half likes brewing beer, building rockets, and a few other things.  Yes, there is cost.  For me, entertainment includes photography, hiking, and various rather artsy-craftsy things.  Costs are here, too.  These costs are usually rather minimal, but sometimes they do get expensive.  However, hobby costs are factored in every month as we both know sorta what we might need.  For instance, in beer brewing, there is always a need for fresh yeast – $10.00 or so – and perhaps some specialty malt.  Maybe another $10.00.  Having a roll of colored film developed only is $5.00.  Not a biggy, either.  The big costs are usually hardware based, such as working on a new brew rig.

The expression “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is very true.  Being dull is being bored and boring.  Why yawn your way through life when you can sing and dance or chase butterflies for a few bucks?

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