Monday 175: Taxes and Toys


Monday. 22 February 2016

Taxes and toys?

Here, in the U.S., tax season is April.  Federal and state taxes (if any) are due; for us county property taxes are due as well.  We will be spending money to pay state taxes, and property taxes, but in our visit to our accountant, we will be getting money back from the federal government.  Overall, we will just about break even with this scenario.

Now, the question is, should we pay for an accountant?

Should we let someone do our taxes when it is so easy to buy software to prepare our taxes?

In my opinion, yes.  The relationship with our accountant has been very fruitful over the years, not just in advice, but in the lessening of stress related to tax season.  I used to get the short form back from the feds with corrections – the 1040A that has no itemizations.  The language makes no sense to me.

The other half hates dealing with money, and would have to listen to my nonstop nagging about getting the taxes done – is it done?  is it done?  is it done?

Conclusion:  The accountant is worth it!

Now, what about toys? Are toys really “toys” or really “tools”? It depends on your perspective.

So, here is the story. We prepare most of our food from scratch. This means we don’t buy food already sliced and diced, such as deli meats. We don’t buy sliced apples. We do buy convenience foods, such as canned tomatoes and nuts and frozen ravioli, and the occasional frozen, microwaveable lunch for emergencies. We seldom go out for dinner.

When we cook or bake, the idea is to make enough for leftovers or to freeze for another meal. While we do not have a dedicated freezer at this point, it is under consideration, but there simply is not room for one. (The reason is we have two refrigerators, besides the one in the kitchen, that are dedicated to beer making and serving.)

Meat Slicer Cher's Choice 615

So, back to the toy-or-tool question.

Because we like bacon, and we like it a lot, and the pleasure of making things is high on our fun list, we make our own bacon. While the other half is handy with a knife, slicing up 5 lbs. of bacon is a bit of a task. It’s really hard work! And slicing roasts and turkey breasts paper-thin for sandwiches is do-able, but also difficult. So, we bought a meat slicer. It arrives in time to slice our current batch of bacon. I personally don’t need it, but I don’t do the meat slicing. The other half wanted it. It makes sense.

So, tool, or toy?

I cast my vote for tool And you?

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