Monday 174: Hobbies

Monday, 29 February 2016

Frugal living – without fun – without pleasure – is living hell.  The mind becomes dull, the spirit dies, and life becomes filled with a litany of “thou shalt not.”  This is where hobbies and interests need nurturing, sometimes with a bit of cost.

The question is, how much do you need to spend?

The other half is a beer brewer.  He makes kick-ass beer and seldom loses a batch.  We have beer on tap almost all the time, and usually a variety.  All costs considered, the beer we serve is probably about $1.00 – $1.50 a glass (and that’s a generous glass, too!).  He grinds his grain, freezes his hops, and has built a lot of his own equipment, such as his brew rig.  There are two refrigerators for brews – one to ferment, and one to serve.  The latter fridge has pull taps, once more, built by him.  If he were to brew monthly, extra costs may come to $10.00 – $20.00 for yeast and specialty ingredients.  And, he is a happy camper.

What Once WasFor me, I really don’t need to buy anything, except, when I do it, film for photography.  I am learning to process my own black and white film.  Color film can be developed locally for $5.00 a roll without scanning – I can do that at home.  My freezer has rolls of film in it, ready to go.  I don’t need any new cameras or equipment, as I have all I need  . . .  but that doesn’t preclude wanting!

Besides hobbies, there are other things which we need:   books to read (library), travel (a drive up the coast to see what spring is bringing, or finding a new place for a long walk), time with friends and family.  Costs here are variable in terms of money, but invaluable in memories.

Enjoy yourself!

The overall point here is that, despite budgeting, life is to be lived and enjoyed.  Moments are to be savored.  The mind, the spirit, and body are all interconnected – a failure to create health in one leads to illness in all others.  The holistic approach means to recognize everything is connected, from the dollar saved to the dollar spent.

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