Monday 167: Addiction!


Monday, 18 April 2016

This past week we had some serious discussions about money and spending.  It didn’t get ugly, but it did get honest.

We both like spending money.  We do it as something to do – go out, get a coffee, have a beer, buy a toy, add to the hobby supplies, feel better, fight boredom.  It could easily run to hundreds of dollars if brakes were not applied.  Maybe there is a psychological reason, too, but at this point, who cares?  The fact is, spending money is an addiction for us – and for many – and as Mr. Ramsey says, it is the person in the mirror who has to get in line.  We are the ones struggling to get in line.

I agree with this.  “Laziness looks attractive, but work gives satisfaction.”  Addiction is the same thing – it feels so good when you are high.  Here, the high is spending.  And it is so painful when you withdraw.  Withdrawing from spending, spending, spending is really, really, really difficult!

This month, we have certain goals.  We have paid all our social dues – taxes and such – and now we can return to the program of our choice:  Debt Reduction.  If we pay what I would like to pay on our CC#3, then that leaves us with about $350.00 for the remainder of the month.  That is food.  My question is, can we do it?  Will we make it?

I think we can make it.  This is our challenge.  And, by watching our spending, eating what we have in the refrigerator and freezer, I am sure we will be able to make it, without pulling on other money set aside in savings.


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