Monday 165: A Treat

Monday, 2 May 2016

Last month was filled with expenses, frugal-focusing, and long work days where lunch did not seem like a reality, any more than a bathroom break!  You know those days – and you wonder why they even happen!  As a result, little sleep and fatigue worked together and we decided to dine out at our favorite taco joint around the corner.  We spent a total of $16.96 for two plates of mahi-mahi tacos.  They seemed to be the most delicious tacos in the world – grilled fish, cabbage, tortillas, sauce, black beans, rice.  Simple.  Tasty.  Cheap.

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

So true!  Treats really are a necessity in life, but they do not have to be expensive.   When one does without, by choice or necessity, sometimes a simple meal can be a real treat, and for many reasons.  It was delicious.  It was spontaneous.  No cooking, no dishes, no clean up.  Life can be difficult and challenging, but without pleasures, it’s really not all that interesting . . . mere existence . . . an esoteric question, indeed.


What is a treat?

As a verb or as a noun, “treat” has many meanings, but here “to provide with enjoyment or gratification.”  Enjoyment is such a multi-layered experience.  So is a treat.  Here, it was a break from our routine, a decision to do something we enjoyed, and a sense of pleasure and relief and self-indulgence.  Being alive itself is a treat, and forgetting that can make it disappear when work and chores and other things get in the way.  Sunsets and walks and family and friends can all be treats, moments of pleasure, and linger long after the experience itself.  Costs may be incurred, but the fact is, experiences are far longer-lived in one’s memory than an accumulation of stuff.

Upcoming treats in May

The Student graduates on Friday, May 13, with an MS degree.  Party on May 14.  Wedding anniversary somewhere in there, too.  Treats that will cost a bit, but be worth every penny because of the events they mark.

Philosophy lesson over!

P.S. We managed to control ourselves twice this April in two small ways, which totalled a savings of about $125.00.  Hooray!

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