Monday 163: Graduation Time

Sigma Beta Delta

Monday, 16 May 2016

The Student has graduated!  A MS in Computer Information Systems has been achieved after a long slog, completed with a 4.0 average, and membership in Sigma Beta Delta, an invitation-only for business and administrative majors.  We are very pleased.  While this does not ensure better employment, there are definitely advantages to having a degree as to not having a degree.  There is also an eye toward four more classes to get a post-graduate certificate in Data Analytics – this is on top of the BS and MS in Computer Information Systems, which is essentially a combination Computer Science / Business degree.

Education is expensive, especially if a private school is being attended.  The Student has worked during both undergraduate and graduate degrees.  It is a real pleasure to see the hard work and effort come to fruition.  What was rather a shocker were certain costs for graduation, such as the cost of a gown – about $100.00.  The gown itself is made of acetate, something you really don’t want to iron as it can melt and lose its shape rather easily.  It was a wrinkled nightmare.  The stole for Sigma Beta Delta was folded.  We could pay for dry cleaning, I guess, to  have them pressed, but we decided to buy a $30.00 clothing steamer to do the de-wrinkling; the clothing steamer can be used for other things, too (I just have to figure out what!).


And, of course, graduation of this magnitude needs to be celebrated.  We went overboard!  Family and friends came over for a party.  Food and drinks for one and all!  Presents for the graduate!  Party time was planned for and money set aside for it and presents, so there is no financial shock there.

What a great day it was!

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