Monday 157: Summertime


Monday, 27 June 2016

Summer is a time – for most of us – to relax, enjoy fine weather, and savor in the pleasures of being alive.  I love summer, with its heat and parties and plays.  Working as I do, time is at a premium in the fall and spring, but summer is when there is time to indulge.  And indulge we have . . . but does indulgence have to cost a lot, or anything at all?

Let’s see . . . we could go out to eat every day.  No, don’t think so.  But we have been loading up on summer fruits, replacing them when they have been eaten up.  Nectarines, blueberries, cherries, peaches.  Fresh produce, too.  Fine meals outside.  Picnics.  We can go to farms in neighboring towns and even pick our own produce.  And, we do grow a few things ourselves.

We can also travel places – go to theme parks, go to the movies, spend a night or weekend away from home, just because we can.  Nah . . . we’ll drive to the mountains nearby for a morning hike, take time to visit family over the hill and enjoy their company, see the plays at the local college where we can walk to enjoy art and theater and music, if we want.  The local recreation district has all kinds of wonderful – and free – summer concerts and movies.

Yes, we will take a vacation, just to see new places and do something different.  Staying home has its points – and traveling does, too.  We like to stay in B&Bs.  It’s an indulgence we have grown to like for a number of reasons.  One is that they are usually small.  The owners know the area and can give great information.  Often they in the heart, or within walking distance, of wonderful neighborhoods.  Sometimes they are on acres in the middle of nowhere.  And, they serve breakfast – our favorite meal of the day!

Vacations are necessary, but how one vacations is individual in choice.  We like quiet, scenery, walking around.  We don’t want wild rides and party nights.  Driving and looking please us, as does sitting down overlooking a bay or ocean and reading a book.  Relaxation of the heart, mind, and spirit . . . with a change of scenery . . . all are worth the money spent.

How do you spend money to relax?

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