Monday 155: A Quick Look at the Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Monday, 11 July 2016

Summer is in full swing here, and with having unscheduled free time which I am not used to having, I am at a total loss.  It’s extremely difficult to focus on things that I normally do, things like projects and such.  I am biting off far more than I can chew, and have decided to narrow down my “to do” list considerably.  It takes time to readjust to having time.  However, despite that, we have made some very serious inroads to paying down debt, but summer activities with family nearly every weekend are beginning to add up.  In just four weeks we have had birthday parties, weddings, and theater!

The big news is that we have taken one credit card, #3, from a balance 4169.28 at the end of May down to 1500.00 by paying it off with extra cash.  We changed our savings plan from $1000 every two weeks to $500 every two weeks, as we had done originally at the beginning of the year.  Every pay period (1st and 15th) we have been throwing $500 at CC#3.  If all goes according to this schedule, we will have paid it off by August 15th.  That is good, good news!  We also have extra cash for hot tub removal (425.00) and vacation.  CC#1 continues to stay even, but CC#2 is steadily going down.  Once CC#3 is done, we will dedicate our payments to CC#2, which has an awful interest rate . . .

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