Monday 153: Still on Vacation Time, and Not Motivated to Write


Monday, 1 August 2016

These next two weeks are going to be interesting, at least as far as having time – vacation time.  No scheduled work time.  Me time.

To start it off, I’m going to go into the classroom this morning to pull some stuff out and put other stuff away.  The last three days have been spent just getting major things done.  Pretty sad, huh?  I said “vacation”????

The thing is, I like my head to be organized, and knowing that the classroom will be ready when I return is one of those things. Then I can relax.  Working summer school and other life things, such as multiple dental visits, took up more time than I wanted, so it couldn’t get my classroom done.

And the best thing to really start off the next two weeks of no work hours is that the other half is off on a camping trip with male relatives for 3 days, and so I will have the house to myself, and that is going to be great, and weird, as I am not used to being alone anymore.

Even on vacation . . . watching our money is important.  There is only $500.00 left on one credit card . . . money is going into the savings account . . . but there is less going into bills and such in order to pay for the vacation and much-needed time off and a change of scenery.  All work and no play are not things in which we believe – but we do believe in thinking about how and where we go on vacation so we don’t break the bank.  The Ramsey gazelles need a bit of rest.

Charts and tables about our finances have fallen by the wayside on this blog over the past few months, but I don’t really care.  This is summer!  But I do know that seeing the progress on our pay-offs has been great, and am playing with graphs.  Those make it even more fun.  I do want to consolidate the summer’s costs into a chart or table, but not just right now.  Or maybe never.  This is time to be lolling around – The Graduate Student is finished with school, work days have been very short, and there has been no real desire to sit in front of a computer to write these posts.  I think August will continue to be something like June and July as far as structuring and organization, but September should be better – get the wind back into the sails when the fall term begins. These weekly posts, even this insipid one, do help remind me of our goals both personal and financial.

So, over and out for now.  Off to play!  That is, after I get home from school.

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