Monday 152: Thirty Mondays And What Have We Accomplished?


Monday, 8 August 2016

And so it has happened:  We decided to try, and we have begun to accomplish.

Sometimes we succeed majorly, sometimes we don’t.

Overall, in 30 weeks, we have managed to pay off nearly $6000.00 in credit card debt in about 8 months. We had to buy a new car, but put $5000.00 down. We have saved for special occasions, such as graduation for The Student, planned the funding for vacation this next week, and several family events that, while not super expensive, did put a good hole into the monthly food budgets.  We do manage our money better in the big picture, but the convenience of Amazon is a problem.  We also have hobbies, and those do sometimes require money; still, we manage to allocate money and wait (most of the time!) for our bigger purchases.  And, we have money in the bank, and are saving $1000.00 / month.

We are off on vacation for a week, one we were debating about doing, but the fact is a change of scenery is very refreshing.  Time alone, away from the phone and work, time to rekindle our relationship, time away from the daily grind.

See you next week!

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