Monday 147: August Recap


Monday, 12 September 2016

Time to take a peek at the August expenditures. It was an expensive month, but the expenses, for the most part, had been planned for.

The big payoff was the credit cards. We worked very hard at this and paid one off (see last week!).  We made three payments, the biggest to pay off one card.  Cost toward all three cards: $3330.00

Next kicker was our vacation up to Mammoth Lakes. Total cost for the week, including gas, food, fees, and whatever, was about $1750.00.

The regular monthly bills were met, but the areas which increased were in the areas of groceries ($553.00) and personal supplies and unplanned little things: $264.00.  August was another party month (we’re such wild ones!).

Utilities vary every month because one month we get a water bill, and the alternating month is the trash bill. This month was water: $208.00. Rates are high in California, and we have cut back a good amount. Electricity: $167.00. Gas: $16.00.

Hobbies are always an expected expense. This is for brewing: $19.00. This was probably yeast.

August was expensive, but there was no accrued debt. And that is all because we planned!

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