Monday 142: Thoughts on Our Sunday Conversation


Monday, 17 October 2016

I’d be lying if I said our conversation on finances yesterday was easy.

It wasn’t difficult.

It was frustrating and rather tiring.

The truth is, it is really difficult to sit still and listen to another person talk about his perspective on our financial situation.

Listening is really hard.  I had to bite my tongue.

Being heard is hard.  Speaking about frustrations and hearing about frustrations is really difficult.  Hearing “We need to make more money and spend less” is hard to hear because I want to say “Let’s work at not upgrading things and focus on paying things off without having to work more.”

We had to clarify things with each, such as coming to agreement on common terminology, such as what I mean by “savings account” and what he means by “savings account.”  Little things like that to clean up communication.

I am not sure what we got out of this.  It’s all a bit of a mystery to me.  I do know that I need to believe it is for the best, even when right now it is more depressing than inspiring.  I also know that oftentimes when we begin on new adventures, there is discomfort and confusion simply because things are new and unknown.  I do have faith that things will improve – I always do – but it is hard to believe that at times.


What did we do so far this month?

Well . . . Amazon has not taken a lot of money, which has been good for Credit Card #3, and Credit Card #2 is down another $700.00, for a total of $1300.00 for September and October, which does not include that hideous interest rate.  (I am still debating about the 0% transfer.)

 We are not likely to be too far over our monthly food budget of $350.00.


The question is still up in the air as to how much the consolidated student loan payment is going to be.


And, despite feeling rather depressed as I write this, even if we don’t add to our income, we need to continue to pare away at debt and be conscious in our spending.  It’s as simple as that.

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