Monday 133: Cleaning Up, Throwing Out


Monday, 19 December 2016

Funny how a stick or a carrot can be a motivator.  With the house needing an appraisal for a re-fi, we got to work and cleaned things up, and threw things out.

And continued to throw things out.  From a bit – yes, only a bit! – of the garage, the pantry, the cookbook shelf, and under the kitchen and two bathroom sinks, and both bathroom vanities, we threw out 2 recycling bins of stuff, and filled 3 trash cans.  Our neighbors let us use their bins.

We put in new medicine chests, which had been on the to-do list since we moved in.  Altogether, it was a good purgation of crap, crap, crap, and a shocking eye-opener.  The medicine chests and bathrooms were the worst.  Old medication, old cleansers, old samples, old, old, old.  We went to the Goodwill a couple of times.

Meanwhile, enduring a nasty sinus infection, cleaning and straightening up continued.  With it came mental changes.  Throwing things out becomes easier, as does picking up – until laziness sets in, which is not a good idea!

And all this, just before the holidays . . . and our gift-buying is lower key, our holiday expenses are less, and we don’t feel any deprivation for it.  Yesterday and today we did some Christmas baking . . . Swedish Limpa bread, oatmeal cookies, and a cranberry-apple-pear tart.  Homemade stuff is the best!

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