Cheap Thrills in Entertaining

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A couple of weeks ago we decided to have a bread-baking party.  It was our first one, but we knew from past experiences that a party surrounded by making food would be well received!  We have done pie-crust baking parties, and cake-baking parties (which turned into a surprise party for one member).  The results were tasty and included  Finnish Wheat Bread, sourdough with real sourdough starter, cinnamon rolls, challah, and strozzapreti (“strangled priest”) pasta.  Today, as further cheap thrills, and for a new experience, I decided to make some crackers.

Cheap is good!  Quality is better than boughten!  It usually is, if you know what you are doing, and if the effort – in your opinion – is worth it.  We enjoy bread here – especially Mr. 182.  We also like pasta, but have never made it before.  And the same with crackers.  If I were to weigh in on what is worth repeating, I would say the bread (always) and the pasta.  Crackers are a bit of work for what you get.  The crackers I made were a bit salty, and as I don’t care for salty food, that may be the reason why.  I plan to try to make them again, as with the pasta, just because the experiences are too new to really be something to judge as worthwhile or not.  A party to make them, though, is worth it, as everyone chips in and goes home with a lot of food for very little cost.  Community in action!

ChallahCinnamon RollsWhole Wheat Bread

Entertaining does not need to be expensive, and our bread-baking party was not.  Between all of us, we had yeast, flour, mixers, pans, seeds, pans, sugar, spices, nuts.  We decided that chipping in for a pizza would be smart, so for about $5.00 each we got pizza for five, and that included leftovers.  The results were we ended up with about five loaves of bread to keep, and enough pasta for two or three meals.


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