Monday 126: Final Thoughts on Uber Frugal Month


Monday, 6 February 2017

The Frugalwoods’ Uber Frugal Month Challenge was a lot of focused energy on money, expenditures, finances, needs vs. wants, and so many different things that nothing can sum it up in a few words.  More than anything, it required an honest approach to write about it daily.  Now, almost a week after the event, it is interesting to see if all that work is paying off.

In a way it is paying off, and in another way, I can feel the lure of the Amazon button.  Now that the cat’s away . . . the mice want to play!  However!!  The mice need to remember the cat is waiting to pounce.  This is like losing weight, and then gaining it back.  Vigilance is needed, self-control, self-restraint, and more than anything, a weighing of the pros and cons of any action.  So, rather than worry about what we might do, let’s look at what we want to do.

“If you can afford to buy it, you can afford to save it.”  Thus speaks  Rockstar Finance.   This is the focus of February.  We can also add, “If you can afford to buy it, you must pay for it.”  This means anything and everything must be paid for out of the cash on hand.  Thus, if something comes from Amazon, it must immediately have its cost transferred from the checking account.  And this will include Audible, Netflix, and Kindle Unlimited.  This will start moving that credit card into a good place, even though it is a bit away on the debt snowball.

Sounds easy.  Let’s see if it is.

January expenditures actually decreased for the regular bills because we rigorously watched our spending on food, did not buy anything on Amazon, and got the mobile phone bill down about $80 / month.  The cash sweep at the end of the month added about $50.00 to the savings account.  February is a tight month, every year, as we meet with our accountant for annual federal and state taxes.  Mr. 182 got a pay raise and a bonus – very nice! – and it is set aside until we see what March and April bring us.  March means vehicle registration.  April requires payment of property tax and any other taxes owed.  The old cars need work, too.

So . . . we plod on, mindful of our goals, both short and long term.  Short term goals include monthly savings and paying off the debt snowball.  Long term goals are to maintain a more frugal and meaningful lifestyle that is not filled with debt and unnecessary things.

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