Monday 122: Expenses & Observations

Monday, 6 March 2017

Once in awhile we gain instant insights into ourselves.  Things right in front of us suddenly become crystal clear.

I made this observation last week:  We fall apart at the end of the month by spending a bit less carefully because we know there is more money up ahead in the form of a paycheck.  We don’t spend unnecessarily, we just aren’t as careful.

That’s rather self-defeating!

On the other hand, reconciling money brings its own insights that are numerical in value.  I’ve learned that limiting our food budget to $350 / month – no matter how long – is not really a good thing.  Instead, averaging about $90 / week is very do-able.  We live within it, do a couple of trips a week to keep produce fresh, and are quite happy with it as a habit.

February 2017 Expenses


Looking at this, it may seem excessive in areas.  It is!

  • Our credit card payments take a lot of cash – this is one reason why we are considering paying off a part of it with money from an IRA.
  • Water is expensive in our part of the world.
  • We just cut our mobile service by about $80 / month, and in April I think it will be even smaller (we bought our phones and paid for them through the mobile service company).  Because we have 2 or more lines, we now received a 5th line, with unlimited data, for free.  This will be great for the laptop when we are on the road, and in the middle of nowhere!
  • We keep a landline for emergencies (what if the cellular service went out?).
  • Mr. 182 got a bonus, and we stuck most of it in savings.
  • We upped our credit card payments by paying for things as they went on them.
  • We had a vacation-planning event with the in-laws, and I decided to make coq au vin and bought a bit more wine than needed (and it was delicious!).  Recipe to follow.

Continuing on, nothing is changing except us – which is the reason we got into the mess we are now changing!

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