Monday 119: A Week Off

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Late by a day!  Currently, the 182s are enjoying a week off.

The last week of March is a traditional break from work for many involved in education.  Here, it is no different.  The only difference is what we plan to do!

Cheap thrills are the answer!  There is much to do, with little if any cost, in most areas.  We live close to a major city – if you call 50 miles close – but there is a lot to do just locally, or sort of locally.  Besides doing things by going somewhere for entertainment, things around the house can also be squared away, like cleaning the refrigerator, or other chores that require a bit more focus.

Community publications and other resources often are a great way to find things to do.  Locally, we have magazines which are free to the public because they are supported by advertisers.  Everyone wins!  Categories include things specific to age groups, and then by subject.  From my favorite local publication, topic headings include:

  • Theatre
  • Fine Arts & Crafts Fairs
  • Arts
  • Art Education
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Garden Events
  • Events (in general)
  • Family Hikes
  • Baby Boomer Generation
  • Lectures & Education
  • Pets
  • Hobbies & Clubs
  • Be Entertained by Nature
  • Sports
  • Bike Riding
  • Health & Fitness

Besides local publications, Meetup is another way to find groups with interests matching your own.

Entertainment is a big source of pleasure for people.  Cultural events, family events, get-togethers.  All these enrich our lives.

Connections with people are very important, and more so, I think, as we grow older.  Children leave the family home and the empty nest syndrome sets in.  Many women find themselves flopping around, at a loss of what to do.  Men who have worked all their lives frequently have no idea how to spend their free time after retirement.  Older people, who are outliving their friends, become increasingly isolated.  Extended families are scattered throughout the country, and often the world, so those connections begin to diminish.

We ourselves are approaching such a time in our lives.  We are planning financially, but we also need to “practice” retirement.  How do we fill our time with meaningful activities?  Such activities have to have meaning for the individual, not necessarily the rest of the world.  Personal accomplishments and satisfaction are the center of such, and can lead to outward expansion.  For many, retirement means a lot of time – how to use it?  how to use it and not just fill it?

Retirement requires more than financial forethought.  It means understanding what is of value to you.

Retirement requires practice, and what better time to practice than before the performance?


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