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Monday 114: Writing as a Side Hustle?

Monday, 1 May 2017

A lot of people talk about “side hustles.”  I have never been inclined to get one, mostly because my days are long and I like my time not working.  That’s when I get to do what I want, not what I am supposed to do.  The way I see it, a side hustle is part-time work to make more money, and there is nothing too delightful-sounding about that.

In my search for finding a way to be creative and find more pleasure in my daily life, I’ve been writing.  Writing is something that comes readily to me, and I’ve used it throughout my career, for reports or papers, for accrediting committees, to send off an opinion or a thank you.  Over the past couple of years I’ve taken to creative writing in the form of short stories, and suddenly it seems as if the light bulb lit up:  Maybe I could publish via Amazon Kindle Unlimited Select.  Or whatever it is called.  I’m not sure how much money I could make, and in a way don’t care, but I can see using my skills at writing to generate a side income in a way I enjoy.

I’ve also been thinking about retirement – what will entertain me during the day when I don’t have to be somewhere?  Writing, for sure.

This seems to be a very real possibility.  What would I write about?  A friend of mine published a rather good novel on Amazon, one which I enjoyed.  There are other things to write, too, such as short fiction and fantasy in many different genres.

I guess it’s time to start exploring to see what is out there.

My little efforts won’t bring in millions, but they may bring some change, and, more importantly, give me a sense of direction and excitement in a creative way.