Day 11

Frugality is not anathema to socialization.

There is no reason for it to be.  We don’t have that as an issue except . . . and that is a big “except”!

Because we are working to delete debt in a few years, we are confronted with the cost of socialization.  If other people pay, and you know they plan to, hey, why not?  For some people, that is a way of showing love and friendship.

We invite people for dinner, for the most part, if we are socializing.  We decide how much to spend.  A lot of times we already have it all on hand, so we just make more.  We have friends who invite us to dinner, too.

Well, what is that “except”?  The “except” is a family that loves good food and good restaurants – and we are, for the most part, in complete agreement on this one.  However, the problem is we usually split the bill 50-50 with family, so one part of the family keeps ordering, and ordering, and ordering . . . and I keep cringing and cringing.  If this happens once a year, I don’t see it as dangerous, especially for a special occasion.  But every month?  That has stopped!  We just make our excuses and get together with people later.

The truth is that it is hard to say no to family, so the best way, in my opinion, is to work to control the situation rather than ruffle feathers.  Friends are easier in a lot of ways.

I prefer the chicken way out!  Oops, sorry, we’re busy!