Day 12

Excuses derail our best intentions. They’re why we don’t exercise, eat right, save money, meet new people… the list goes on.

And so, says Mrs. Frugalwoods,  Examine the underlying reason for any knee-jerk excuses you’re experiencing as part of this challenge.

As I write this, I cannot think of any knee-jerk excuses I have made at this point during this month.  What is being pointed out here is a form of avoidance, of confronting honestly and objectively the reasons behind choices to do or not do something.  One of the biggest issues I have with looking at things is when people ask “How come…?” and “Why?”  Both words are filled with guilt-inducing emotions.  Rather, use the word “What…?” to figure out the reasons you – or someone you are talking to – made a given choice.  It is a lot less emotionally burdensome, and “What?” causes a person to think, not react.  This does not mean discounting emotions, but it does mean you start thinking along with feeling.  Try it – it really is emotionally freeing, and provides excellent insight into what is really going on.