Day 13

From Mrs. Frugalwoods:  Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought clothes/makeup/hair treatments because you thought you needed to improve your appearance and/or thought something was wrong with the way you look naturally. We’ve all done it because marketers want us to feel badly about ourselves–it’s how they make their money!

Well, this has always been a source of amusement to me, especially makeup.  Let me tell the truth:  I love clothes, but prefer to make them if possible, or buy cheap ones or ones on sale that fit well and are made of natural fibers.  I go shopping maybe once or twice a year, and seldom spend more than $50.00 at that.  I don’t like makeup because I can feel it on my skin and fingernails and eyelashes.  I have owned only 3 lipsticks in my entire life, and the main reason I have bought them is when my lips get chapped, and vaseline doesn’t work.  I used to dye my hair, but that got expensive.  Now I get compliments on my hair all the time, from its color to its body.  The only thing I buy with any regularity is lotion.

Have I done this because I think I needed to improve my looks?  When I was younger, yes.  My hair is thick and sticks out like crazy, so I used to buy hairspray and goo to tame it.  I didn’t like makeup when I was younger for the same reasons I don’t like it now.  As I said, I like clothes, but am not willing to pay the prices for the things I like, so have tried to make them, with varying degrees of success.  Sometimes I just cannot find things I like, like short-sleeved cotton shirts that don’t have spandex.  I have never been of the thought I am beautiful, nor ugly; I am okay with what I have.  Sure, glamour is fun, but it also takes far more time and energy than I want to put into it – I have so many other ways in which I would rather spend my time.  It takes me 30 minutes to get ready for work, and as far as I am concerned, that is too much!