Day 16

There’s no excuse for take-out!

I am in agreement with Mrs. Frugalwoods.  Take-out and going out to for a meal should be a treat, not a daily occurrence.  Maybe this is because the first meal I ever recall eating out was a pizza in some little town in Illinois when I was 6 or 7.  We lived in the middle of nowhere and the only car was the one my father took into Chicago to work. So, eating out was a real big adventure!

After leaving the middle of nowhere and moving to larger towns, eating out was still not the family sport it is for so many today.  I know people who eat out every day, and I am always rather shocked.  To me, eating out is a luxury and a treat.   The cost of the food and the quality are seldom in sync.

Here at 182, we cook nearly every meal, and seldom buy pre-made frozen meals.  We cook our own food, and freeze a lot of it.  Last Friday, before going shopping for a week’s worth of fruit and vegetables, we did inventory of what we have on hand, especially in the frozen meat department.  We probably could go until the end of February before we need to buy meat.  We have hamburgers, roast turkey (lots, as we do this every year), beef, pork, chicken, and sausages.  All I bought were fruits and vegetables (we have another 4-6 weeks of coffee already bought and paid for), some dairy products (yogurt, ricotta cheese, half-and-half), and a chocolate bar, which disappears one or two squares a day.

Of course, not everyone has the time nor energy to cook and bake.  I read somewhere that millennials hate having to even wash a dish.  (I agree with them, which is why I love my dishwasher!)  Not everyone has the storage capacity for freezing meals for later.  Some people hate the daily process of preparing food.

Food is a necessity, and choosing how to spend your money on food is a personal choice, just as choosing what to eat is personal.  Overall, we eat healthily here at 182, possibly more animal protein than not, but we do not live on fried food and soda.  If I had to give up meat, I could survive on yogurt or eggs for protein and be quite happy, and for the most part don’t care for cheese except as a condiment.

There really is no excuse for take-out at all!  And since we are so darn virtuous, we don’t do it!