Day 19

“But it’s only $5!”  Enact a zero tolerance policy for anything you feel the need to rationalize. If in doubt, just don’t buy it. For fun, write down the amount of everything you start to say “but it’s just $….” for and then add up those totals to see how much you’re saving.

You know those long mazes in front of the checkout stand lined with this and that?  At Michael’s, at Joann’s, at Home Goods, at Fry’s, at so many places, there are cunningly placed “little” items that cost “only $5.00” or less which you are tempted by . . . to pick up, to put down, to pick up and pay for at the cash register.

This is really sound advice from Mrs. Frugalwoods.  These are the daily habits which go overlooked in search for better finances.

Overall, we don’t fall prey to this.  Why?  We don’t tend to go shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, but from the above list, you can guess where we do go at times!  Instead, you’re going to find these lures at the checkout stand on Amazon!

 Little things add up . . . to big expenses by year’s end, or big savings if you keep those pennies and hands in your pockets.  It’s your choice!