Day 25

Have you ever hosted a frugal party? If so, then you’re on track! If not, then today is your lucky day! It’s time to socialize thrifty-style. Entertaining at home is–without a doubt–one of the cheapest ways to socialize. And beyond just saving money, hosting allows you to hone your cooking skills, get to know your friends more deeply, and integrate friendship into all aspects of your life.

During the Depression, people had rent parties.  When I was a poor student, we would host potlucks so we could all stuff our faces without a lot of expense.  It’s a lot of fun!   Everyone can do what they are good at and join the fun.  At times, we even told people to bring a plate, spoon, fork, cup, and napkin to make it even more frugal.

The fact was, we were broke . . . . but being broke is not necessarily being poor.  We were all broke, but we had friendship and good times.  Today, with working, party hosting is more difficult, but when we do things, we usually meet at homes of our family members for meals.  At times we go out, and that is okay, too.

Maybe we will have a party, hosted in the old way, but with china and silverware from our stash, with a theme of some sort.  Potluck style.  It’s a thought.

I love being cheap!  It’s soooooo creative!