Day 29

Today Mrs. Frugalwoods is right on!

You were not put on this earth to buy stuff.

And she points out in today’s mantra: The myth of consumerism is that buying lots of stuff means you’re exerting your free will, but in reality, you’re just turning your money over to someone else for purposes that they’ve designated.

I had a good laugh over the statement “you were not put on this earth to buy stuff.”  That is so true, so to the point.  Sometimes it feels like that is all we do – buy things and then get rid of them.  What’s the point?  The point is to turn your money over to someone else . . . which does not always work out to our own benefit, but to someone else’s.

Bartering is an interesting concept in our cash-crazed world.  Exchanging goods or services with another has been going on long before money was invented.  What fascinates me is how we determine the value of a good or service.

So, we weren’t put here to buy stuff.  Rather, what are we here for?  The result of biology and sex to a point, but once here, what are we to do?   It shifts with age and experience.  That is the eternal question.