Day 30

Mrs. Frugalwoods writes:  Perfection is impossible. It’s also really expensive. We’re sold the idea that we can buy our way to perfection, but in reality, this line of thinking only yields more and more buying. There is no end and no winner in a material goods arms race–there’s only more and more to buy. 

I realized a long time ago that perfection is not achievable, and more, that perfection varies from moment to moment.  If perfection exists, it is so fleeting and so abstract, that it is hard to identify, if at all possible to identify.  We are taught to look for flaws in everything, from the shape of our noses to the lawn around our house.  Who, in the first place, determines perfection?

Years ago, I remember reading how quilters would often include a conscious “mistake” in their patchworks, to remind themselves they are not perfect, and only God is perfect.  Whether or not you believe in God is not the point here – the point is to recognize that none of us is “perfect.”

So – get over it!  Strive to do your best, look back, learn, and move on, and continue to strive to do your best.