Day 4

Oh, this is a painful one!  How much does your TV cable, your high-end phone cell phone plan, etc., cost you per month?  per year?  per 30 years?

Let’s see.  We don’t have cable TV, so forget that.  However, we do have a few vices:  Netflix, Audible, Kindle, and a Fancy, Schmancy High-End Cell Phone Plan with Unlimited Data.

Confessions and Shock!

Netflix:  $27.00 / month, $324.00 / year, $46,656.00 / 30 years

Audible:  $14.95 / month, $179.40 / year, $5382.00 / 30 years

Kindle:  $9.99 / month, $119.88 / year,  $3696.40 / 30 years

High-End Cell Phone Plan with Unlimited Data for Four:  $275.00 / month, $3300.00 / year, $99,000.00 / 30 years

Well, this is quite the shock.

We use Netflix all the time, so that we will keep, but perhaps drop to a lower-cost plan.

Audible is an on-going pleasure.

Kindle isn’t utilized as it could be, but would it be cheaper to borrow from the library?  It’s a thought.  I’ll check out the library and see if they have an equivalent program.

Finally, the cell phones.  We actually only pay out-of-pocket 175.00 / month for ours, for two lines and our phones.  We got on this plan a bit less than two years ago, so the cost will drop when the phones are paid for.  Then it will be about $100.00 / month for us.  Unlimited data is what everyone wants, and uses a lot for all sorts of things.  I guess this is the luxury item?

High-End Cell Phone Plan with Unlimited Data for Four:  $100.00 / month, $1200.00 / year, $36,000.00 / 30 years

However, the fact is this plan also includes global access to European and Asian phone systems, along with American and Martian.  There are a couple of global travelers amongst us, so that is the reasoning behind the “need,” alongside a geek for a spouse.  When I used my cell phone for work, texting students, it also had more sense behind it.  Now, it is used far less than before by yours truly.


I have been thinking of dropping the Kindle app; will check it out.  Audible is great entertainment and perfect for when other activities want a bit of otherness.  Netflix is a nightly occupation, even if for only an hour – a way to relax.  The spouse watches it as he telecommutes, in between real work.  That one has to be kept, but could possibly be modified.  The cell phones have to stay, but relief is on the way!