Day 5

Eat it up!  

Today, we go through our refrigerator and pantry, looking for what we have.  Kind of funny this one shows up, because I was planning on going through our fridge this morning, to eat the last of the blackberries, have a pear and some yogurt for breakfast.  We have leftover stew for dinner tonight, and something for lunch.  I was thinking of making a lentil soup or a squash soup for lunch, and then making enough to freeze up.  Additionally, just last month I went through our pantry and sorted things out.  Our non-perishables in there include pasta, beans, nuts, flour, sugar, vinegar, oil, oatmeal, dried fruit, canned tomatoes, and booze.  One thing we do need to do is go through our wines and finish them off before buying more.  I guess I should end this post with drink it up!

Seriously, though, food waste is something we all should avoid, not just for financial reasons, but for ethical reasons.  We waste sooooo much food, at home, and worldwide.  I used to make a “vegetable soup” with all my leftover veggies, and maybe I’ll start that again.  This included dicey lettuce, limp-but-still-edible broccoli, and so on.  It’s actually quite tasty and nutritious!