Day 7

Eat it Up! 

A great piece of advice from Mrs. Frugalwoods – don’t throw out food, but eat up what you buy.  Plan ahead.  Make food for meals and freeze them.  Get a freezer.

As a long-time fan, I am in agreement with this.  There is something to be said for that meal needed in a rush and having it in the freezer.  In our household, I get home at 7 p.m. three nights a week.  DH does the cooking, and does a good job of it, too.  Often the food is healthy – salad and grilled chicken – sometimes it is something thrown together at the last minute.  We try to eat our fruit and veggies, and we do that.

Healthy eating requires a bit of planning.  We could live on pre-made garbage, but that is not something we have ever felt good about.  It’s easier to load up on nutritionally poor food than it is to spend time cooking. It’s also more expensive.  DH’s favorite grabbit food for a snack used to be a white flour tortilla.  Now he goes for fruit and low fat cottage cheese instead.  This is good as far as health goes, but it does add to the food bill.  I prefer to eat healthy than not.  Healthy eating does not mean twigs and nuts.  It means conscious choices and a bit of planning.

In the real world, there is something to be said for fun food.  And for the Frugalwoods, this is frozen pizza.  Yeah, why not?  Convenience foods have their place in today’s busy lives.  Going out to eat, too.  For us, they are a treat, and sometimes a way to escape from particularly stressful days.

Now for the truth . . . we try to eat up what we have, as well as lay in stores for the times when it’s just not possible to get something made.  We do throw food out – usually vegetables.  Sometimes things spoil sooner than they should.  We shop weekly, and then midweek sometimes to add to the fresh fruit selection.

Where do we shop?  We shop, in general, at Trader Joe’s as it is around the corner.  I like to go to Sprouts or other stores in another town, such as Valley Produce.  DH doesn’t like to grocery shop, so I usually do it.  We don’t clip coupons or scour the paper for the best prices.  Convenience and watching our budget are our two main concerns, and overall, it works.

As Julia Child would say, “Bon appetit!”