Day 9

The beauty of frugality is that it gives you options.  Let frugality sculpt the life you want to lead.

Well said!  Most of us just mindlessly buy and do, without planning ahead, and not considering either consequences (good or bad) or alternative choices.  Putting things off for a bit – unless life-threatening – clears the air from emotional reactions and gives time for measured thought.  This or that?  It also gives you an opportunity to assess how important something is in the hierarchy of needs and wants.  For example, about a week ago the top rail to our dishwasher broke, leaving the top section unable to be used.  We haven’t bought replacement parts, but have been using the bottom rack and finishing up the rest of the washing by hand.  After doing this for awhile, we decided the $50.00 for the part is worth it; it has been ordered and should arrive, and then we will install it.  And hopefully it will work!  If not, then we have a problem.

Make a list of all the things you would do if your were financially independent.  Whew!  I never really thought about that one!  What would we do?

  • Have a house in France
  • Travel throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe, Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Paint
  • Brew beer
  • Begin a brewery
  • Teach
  • Write
  • Redo the exterior yard of the house
  • Garden
  • Hike
  • Read
  • Lounge

Just a few off the top of our heads.